For the second time in recent years, the Western Bulldogs AFL team has had a player return to the field after earlier sustaining an injury who has then gone on to rupture their ACL in the same match. Jack Redpath who had already suffered 2 previous ACL injuries was the most recent player this weekend.


It made us ask the question; Should players be allowed to return to the field post injury? If so, what criteria do they need to meet?

We know pain and previous injury has many effects on the function of the body, including but not limited to:
-Decreases in muscle strength/force production
-Decreased endurance
-Decreased range of motion
-Changes in balance
-Changes in proprioception
-Changes in muscle activation and timing
-Kinesiophobia, anxiety, depression
-Either increased variability in movement (often in acute pain) and decreased variability in movement (often in chronic pain)
-Increased antagonist muscle activation

So if pain due to injury can cause these changes, how can we make better informed decisions on when players can return the sporting field SAFELY?


By utilising The M.A.T (and other assessment strategies such as hand-held dynamometers and force plates) we can assess players and gather simple, meaningful baseline data with evidence based tests that have INJURY-RISK DATA from the literature. We then have simple, actionable data that can be easily assessed to make more informed decisions whether players can return to the sporting field during the game.

The M.A.T can be used to assess and quantify important aspects of an individuals function, such as Functional Movement’s, balance and proprioception, muscle flexibility, strength, power and endurance. By having collected baseline data on each individual athlete with The M.A.T, not only will be be able to CALCULATE THEIR INJURY RISK, but have reliable and valid data to utilise in situations such as what happened to on the weekend (which they may well have performed. This post is merely discussing a topic, NOT the actions of the Western Bulldogs staff**).
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The beauty of using OUR M.A.T is that it’s an extremely accurate portable assessment device that can be used for assessment ANYWHERE and in ANY SPACE, even on the field or court-side by a teams medical team to perform these assessments of movement and function.

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