The MAT (Movement Assessment Tool)TM


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The MAT (Movement Assessment Tool)TM

Introducing the revolutionary MAT (Movement Assessment Tool)*. This innovative new tool is designed by the Functional Movement Group to help movement practitioners quantitatively assess the three-dimensional functional movement of their clients and patients. The MAT helps practitioner’s move beyond traditional physical therapy assessments by allowing movement to be assessed, as it should be, in upright tasks and functional movements.

The functional MAT’s quantitative measurements allow specific treatment, rehabilitation and exercise programs to be developed and tailored to each person. This data provides practitioners with an accurate baseline measurement to chart the success of their intervention and follow a patient or clients progress. This is important for all movement practitioners, whether you are dealing with an elite athlete returning to sport, conducting treatment under the supervision of third party payers (such as TAC/WorkCover) or helping others to improve performance in their daily activities pain free.

The MAT was designed considering many commonly used and validated movement assessments in mind. Some commonly used assessments that can be performed using the MAT are:
– Star Excursion Balance Test/ Y-Balance test
– Squats tests
– Lunge tests
– Sit and reach test
– Weight bearing lunge test
– Hop tests
– Closed kinetic chain upper extremity test
– Standing long jump and many, many more functional performance tests

The Functional Movement Group also teaches functional and integrated local joint excursion tests which the MAT can be used to assess. The ability to progress and regress between these and more global underlying functional movements are also emphasised, to allow movement practitioners to smoothly move along the local to global movement spectrum. These essential movements include:
– Gait
– Reaching
– Squatting
– Lunging
– Jumping
– Hopping
– Pushing
– Pulling

Another common approach that is seen in any clinic, gym or sporting club is the use of flexibility and stretching techniques. The MAT transforms these techniques to not only allow for a functional and integrated approach to stretching as taught by the Functional Movement Group, but also to provide a simple and easy way to measure flexibility of many on the muscle groups, including:
– Gastrocs/Calves
– Hamstrings
– Quadriceps
– Hip Flexors
– Gluteals
– Adductors

*patent pending

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