Who are the Functional Movement Group?

Our mission

To integrate the intelligence and latest evidence of the health care and strength and conditioning worlds and provide this to professionals in the form of interactive education courses and innovative assessment and rehabilitation products.

The Functional Movement Group and The MAT is the brainchild of Andrew Lemon and Stephen King, which provides professionals in the health and fitness industries with a one stop resource for functional thinking and products. This has lead to them reaching over 1000 health and movement professionals from 22 countries all around the world who have completed their education courses and are utilising their MAT in their practices. The MAT is currently being integrated in research projects in 10 Universities worldwide and being used in elite sporting environments such the NFL, NHL, EPL NRL, AFL, ERU, ARU and on the men’s and women’s ATP and PGA tours.

The Functional Movement Group’s passion for having a better understanding of how the human body works has inspired and driven them to research and teach the most contemporary ideas and evidence from around the world. The result is a strategic approach to assessment, treatment and exercise prescription that allows you to focus on developing a management plan based on each person’s unique pain experience, movement and performance needs.

Now we bring it to you!

Unfortunately bigger learning institutions can often take years before they teach what is known in the research. Though small in size, the Functional Movement Group has the advantage of being nimble enough to bring the most up to date evidence and pain, movement and neuroscience strategies to you as the studies are produced.

If you are a health care or movement professional who wants to raise the bar of your practice then our interactive teaching courses are the key to allow you to help more patients and clients move and perform better without pain.

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Stephen King

Functional Movement Expert


Stephen is a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Strength and Conditioning coach, Personal Trainer and functional movement specialist.
His passion for sharing his knowledge has lead him into lecturing and being invited to speak at conferences worldwide, while developing the latest evidence based functional movement courses and products that will help transform your knowledge, enhance your understanding of the human body and narrow the gap between his two loves, the health and movement professions.
Master of Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy
University of South Australia, 2012 – 2013

Master of Health Science, Osteopathy
Victoria University, 2009 – 2010

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Health Science/Osteopathy
Victoria University, 2006 – 2008

Certificate 3 + 4 in Fitness
Fitnation, 2007 – 2007

Level 2 Strength and Conditioning
ASCA, 2013

E –

M – +61 422 481 354

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Andrew Lemon

Functional Movement Expert


Andrew is a graduate of five years of study at Victoria University where he completed his qualifications with a Masters in Osteopathy. He also has a love of movement and exercise. His desire to marry the worlds of Osteopathy and exercise training and rehab lead him to study Applied Functional Science with the Gray Institute in the USA under the tutelage of Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio the “founders of function.”

This experience interacting with elite health professionals and performance coaches from around the world inspired him into the direction of teaching and developing the MAT to enhance objectivity of movement assessment.

Masters of Osteopathy
Victoria University, 2009 – 2010

Bachelor of Health Science
Victoria University, 2005 – 2008

Fellowship Applied Functional Science, Functional Biomechanics
Gray Institute, 2013 – 2014

E –

M – +61 438 591 091

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Want to come and see us? We’ve opened a new state of the art clinic in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. The Functional Movement Group’s – Injury Rehab Centre

Want to come and see us? We've opened a new state of the art clinic in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. The Functional Movement Group's - Injury Rehab Centre


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