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Our mission

At MAT (Movement Assessment Technologies), we love movement ASSESSMENT, the LATEST RESEARCH and OBJECTIVE DATA. We love it so much that we’ve combined these three things together to bring you our world-leading courses and our own Movement Assessment Tool – The MAT. Over the past two years since it’s inception, MAT has run courses in 21 countries, helping 3000+ health and fitness professionals from over 10 different professions bridge the gap between pain and performance and improving their movement assessment, treatment and training skills.

MAT and The MAT is the brainchild of Andrew Lemon and Stephen King following their own struggles in our own practice, feeling like they were guessing with their movement assessment and struggling to easily track progression and objectively determine whether their patients and clients were actually getting better and improving their performance.
Quickly they learnt that this struggle was common to therapists and trainers all around the world, with Universities and higher education institutes often being very slow to implement the latest evidence and assessments into their curriculum. We’re helping this to change, with the MAT currently being integrated in research projects in 7 Universities worldwide.

Now we bring it to you!

We are proud to say that we are now the number one educational courses in the world for evidence based, objective movement assessment and rehabilitation. Our courses provide you with a structured approach to patient and client management, incorporating the latest research on movement analysis, pain and neuroscience helping you treat those you work with as individuals, getting them back to or helping improve the level of performance of what they need, want and love to do, leading to better long term outcomes.

Did you know that MAT is being used in elite sporting environments all around the world such the NFL, NHL, EPL, NRL, AFL, FFA, ERU, ARU and on the men’s and women’s ATP and PGA tours?

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Stephen King

Functional Movement Expert

Stephen has a unique background. He is a dual-masters qualified as a Physiotherapist and Osteopath, as well as having undertaken further studies as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer.

His passion for sharing his knowledge has lead him into education and being invited to speak at health and fitness conferences worldwide. Steve’s often requested to consult worldwide with athletes suffering with lower limb injuries and sit on several sports medicine boards while he continuing to develop the latest evidence based courses and assessment tools that will help transform your knowledge, enhance your understanding of the human body through objective data and narrow the gap between his two loves, the health and fitness professions.

Master of Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy
University of South Australia, 2012 – 2013

Master of Health Science, Osteopathy
Victoria University, 2009 – 2010

Bachelor of Science (BSc), Health Science/Osteopathy
Victoria University, 2006 – 2008

Certificate 3 + 4 in Fitness
Fitnation, 2007 – 2007

Level 2 Strength and Conditioning
ASCA, 2013

E – [email protected]

M – +61 422 481 354

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Andrew Lemon

Functional Movement Expert

Andrew has a love of movement analysis and exercise prescription. He has a strong desire to marry the worlds of manual therapy and rehabilitation and help other therapists make a smooth transition between them. He has a particular interest in enhancing objectivity of movement assessment in a clinical environment and works closely with the golfing population. Along with Steve, he is currently designing some of the latest technology and software to further revolutionise your movement assessment and take manual therapy and movement assessment into the 21st century!
Masters of Osteopathy
Victoria University, 2009 – 2010

Bachelor of Health Science
Victoria University, 2005 – 2008

Fellowship Applied Functional Science, Functional Biomechanics
Gray Institute, 2013 – 2014

E – [email protected]

M – +61 438 591 091

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Want to come and see us? We’ve opened a new state of the art clinic in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. The Functional Movement Group’s – Injury Rehab Centre

Want to come and see us? We've opened a new state of the art clinic in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia. The Functional Movement Group's - Injury Rehab Centre http://www.injuryrehab.com.au/


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